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As you start a business, or as your business grows and evolves overtime, it is important to have a qualified and trusted attorney to assist with any legal need.  Whether you need assistance with the paperwork and contracts to form a new business entity, dealing with problematic employees, or with your company’s business transactions, Garella Law has experience in business law matters and can help.  Our business attorneys are passionate about our clients and giving them the top-notch service they deserve, guiding them through even the most complicated legal matters.

Garella Law regularly advises and represents all types of small businesses with a variety of business law issues, including:

  • Contracts, agreements and business documents
  • Starting a business in North Carolina
  • Business reorganization
  • Business litigation
  • Dispute resolution
  • Dissolution agreements

We ourselves are a small business, so we understand the challenges that small businesses may experience and how to handle them.  Having a reliable attorney to turn to at any time lessens the concerns that even the most successful small businesses can encounter.

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